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VOLUME VII, ISSUE 8 - August 2005
On The Cover: Ron Lewis Photo
[9-6-05] [9-6-05] [9-4-05]

Burk's Blast "the publisher's corner" [9-7-05]
NHRA did the right thing
Dead-On [7-8-05]
with Jok Nicholson

Now the DOT is messing with racers
[Jok Nicholson is on medical leave. He will return soon.]
Cliff Notes [8-29-05]
So, you wanna be an automotive journalist, eh?
Tocher Talks [8-8-05]
Let’s Speed Up Drag Racing
Lenny's Line [8-8-05]
A Funny Thing Happened On The
Way To The Profit Margin
Getting Nostalgic
with Jeff Utterback
Who Said Summer Is Fun?
View from the Left Coast
w/ Darr Hawthorne
Is It All Right If I Say It?
Chicks 'n' Slicks with Pammy Utterback [8-8-05]
The Capps Conspiracy, PART 2
The Martin Chronicles [8-8-05]
Now and Then with Dave Wallace [8-8-05]
Bound For Glory, After All These Years
Agent 1320 [9-6-05]
The Latest News, Photos, and Gossip from the World of Drag Racing

Johnson Jobbed At Indy [9-6-05]
Fuel tuners defeat rev-limiter program [8-24-05]
Summary of California lawsuit
against Skoal

Hemi Challenge Photo Gallery [9-2-05]
Outlaw Pro Mods at Eddyville, IA [8-31-05]
IHRA at Norwalk [8-30-05]
World Series of Drag Racing [8-28-05]
AMS/TLR at Valdosta, GA [8-25-05]
ADRL at Valdosta, GA [8-24-05]
Super Chevy Show at Bandimere [8-24-05]
PMRA at Tioga Center, NY [8-23-05]
NHRA at Memphis [8-22-05]
Memphis 1320 Notes [8-22-05]
Street Car Shootout Series at Gateway [8-22-05]
Super Chevy Show at Route 66 [8-19-05]
50th Anniversary at Dallas, GA [8-18-05]
NHRA Quotes from Brainerd [8-17-05]
IHRA at Martin, Michigan [8-15-05]
25 Pro Mods at Mantorp [8-15-05]
Goodguys at Pomona [8-12-05]
ORSCA at Jackson, SC [8-11-05]
NMRA at Joliet [8-8-05]

K&N 69 Series Typhoon Intake on a
Subaru Impreza

Bert Bernstein [8-30-05]
Cecil Lankford [8-16-05]
We've Got Mail! Special Edition [9-6-05]
Your letters to DRO regarding Steve Johnson
We've Got Mail! [9-1-05]
Your letters to DRO
Whaddaya Think?
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Classified Ads - BUY - SELL - TRADE
Got Something for Sale? Looking For a Special Part or Car? This is the Place.
From the DRAWing Board [8-8-05]
Notes from the Drag Racing Association of Women
Off the Track ::: Music, Book,
and Movie Reviews-or Whatever Catches Our Attention

The Rat Fink Goes Drag Racing

Whaddaya Know? (trivia quiz)
Just How Much Do You Know About Drag Racing History? Take a Quiz, Maybe Win a Prize. C'mon, We Dare Ya!
It's New to Us [8-23-05]
New Products and People You Should Know About
No Rhyme Nor Reason [8-25-05]
To Bee or Not to Bee
At the Back Door [8-8-05]
Photos from the Wild and Wacky World of Drag Racing. Got Something to Share?
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