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Editor’s Note

The MSD company is also making a variety of ignition components for LS-1 applications. They showed their Multiple Spark Coil Kit at the SEMA show. This is a bolt on unit and claims to deliver up to three times the current of the stock GM generation III system. Again we will have a tech feature on aftermarket ignition systems for the LS-1 engine at a future date.

The Moroso folks had this complete engine in their booth at the 2005 Sema show. We are running it to show you their new pan just for the LS-1 block. They also have a variety of other components purpose designed for use on LS-1 only applications. We’ll take a closer look at a variety of pans from various manufacturers in future issues.

We here at DRO came to the conclusion after both of last year’s Sema show and PRI shows that there was a serious part of the high performance engine market that thismagazine had basically ignored at that is Chevrolets LS-1 and LS-7 new generation small block which features a re-designed block and cylinder head.

After talking with many of those manufacturers of LS-1/LS-7 aftermarket components which include ignitions, valve train components, induction components, and cylinder heads and with Bill Mitchell who is making the first aftermarket block and his own version cylinder head, I realized this was a niche in drag racing that DRO needed to get involved with.

We are leading this story with a couple of LS-1 engines featuring new products from MSD and Moroso. In the coming months we are going to have a regular tech feature each month on hot-rodding the LS-1/LS-7 engine combination.

We’re looking for drag cars using this engine so if you have one send us a photo and we will look into doing a feature on your car in DRO. And if there is some area of the LS-1/LS-7 engine combination you would like us to do a tech story on drop us a line and let us know and we will try to do it.

Just as an old Hot Rodder I’m very impressed and intrigued with the LS-1 engine and in the coming months I’m going to get to know more about this engine. We may even take on the task of building an LS-1 engine for one of our project cars. -JB

While the LS1 in stock form is a potent performer right out of the box, the powerplant also welcomes additions in the performance department, and it rewards those who know how to add them up with the total of serious horsepower.

Any time you start to move too far beyond the limitations of the original engineering parameters of an engine design you run into roadblocks. Bottom end strength becomes an issue. Oiling becomes a problem. Cylinder wall strength suffers. Crankshafts want to take a walk outside of the block. When it comes time to make horsepower far above and beyond the limitations of a stock engine design, the results are often disastrous. World Products has taken the stock LS1 architecture onto the next level.


Pointing out problems is one thing, solving them is another. World Products listened to what problems racers ran into with the LS1 and solved them all with its new Warhawk line of LS1 and LS7 aluminum blocks and cylinder heads. The Warhawk LS1 blocks solve the performance shortcomings of the original LS1 designs but are still fully compatible with all stock LS1 components.

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