Cut off one the heads of the factory "nails" and remove. Note numbers on inner weights and color of springs. Consult provided recalibration kit chart. Choose a route similar to that of the stock set up. Remove and replace one side at a time. The weights act on this plunger, which opens and closes a passage in the valve body to control full throttle upshifts.
At left is the stock spring and weight, and at right is the lightest spring and weight provided in the recalibration kit. To change inner weight first place weight inside outer weight, then install spring between inner weight and spring perch as shown.
The safe route is to choose a weight one number up or down from stock. Weight selection brings shift points within a range, and spring selection fine-tunes the selection. Note the difference in thickness of the two weights. Place weight and spring assembly back in governor. Place one e-ring on one axle and insert into place.

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