So, the big block seemed to like ignition advance which indicated a low, maybe 8:1 compression ratio and the ignition was set back to 41 degrees. This pull netted a best combination of 477.8 lb/ft of torque with peak of 384.4 horsepower at 5000 rpm.

While we waited for parts to arrive from the aftermarket manufacturers, the engine would be dismantled and, since the compression was so low with basically stock flat-top Chevy pistons, we agreed to also order pistons and rods. I called JE Pistons and they agreed to supply a set of their new Sportsman Racing Products pistons rated at 10.5:1.

The parts came in over the next few weeks. The first arrival was the Comp Cams 4 & 7 swap roller cam Part # 11-000-14 with roller lifters, rockers and pushrods. Since we now knew the proposed compression and dome height, the final cuts could be made on the heads supplied by Air Flow Research, 315 cc CNC Ported Magnum aluminum BBC Heads. Next came the shipment from Holley, a pair of 600 cfm carbs to sit on top of the Weiand Tunnel Ram with linkage and enough Earls hose and fittings for the thirsty double-pumpers. Since oil pressure had been an issue, Bob Sanders at Titan Engineering suggested one of his Sportsman Big Block pumps and one of Jeff Johnston's Billet Fabrication oil pans.

So now with the engine on its way to horsepower nirvana, we contacted Strange Engineering in Chicago since the Chevy II still had the original 3:07 10 bolt non-posi unit. We'll be installing Strange's bolt-in Dana 60 housing, PRO Race 35-spline axles, 1/2" stud kit, trac-loc posi unit with large drum brakes. Son Zak wanted to have the quality and heritage of Strange's products since their long history in drag racing will add to the nostalgia factor on Project Street FX.

With this change we'll also be enlisting help from DRO's Jeff Utterback at Hansen Chassis to set up the ladder bars and shocks.

We have our work cut out for us, with the hope of debuting the newly finished car at the California Hot Rod Reunion October 1-3.

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