The finished piece ready to have the wiring finished and start making some power. I'll admit this isn't what I would normally consider a "Stocker," but I don't make the rules -- I just explore them!

Project Muscrate

Part 5: Fuel and ignition systems

by Jay Roeder

Hi everyone and welcome back! This issue will cover the selection and installation of the fuel and ignition systems, along with some much anticipated track results!

Last issue I covered the selection and rather detailed installation of the camshaft and assorted valvetrain components. Part of my story was to emphasize the point that I do not want to overkill anything about this project and only use the products that will, in the words of Larry the cable guy, “Get ‘er done!” Luckily for us, the parts that “get ‘er done” don’t necessarily have to be unattractive anymore.

Here is the Aeromotive SS series fuel pump and 2-port regulator. Flowing 150 gph at 8 psi, this is one heck of a good “street-strip” combo. And yeah, it looks cool too!

First off, let’s cover the fuel system. For the fuel pump and regulator I went to Aeromotive and talked to Kyle Fickler. I told him what I was building and the expected horsepower level I hoped to attain and also that I do not want to overkill the system. Kyle recommended the Aeromotive SS series pump and 2-port regulator. The SS stands for Street/Strip but is rather misleading. The pump flows 150 gph at 8 psi and only draws 4 amps. Those are some pretty amazing numbers for a “street” pump! Kyle informed me that he even has some Competition Eliminator cars running this pump and those guys don’t mess around!

The regulator is a 2-port diaphragm design with 3/8” pipe threads, or -06 is also available, so plumbing it was a cinch. As the picture shows, both of these parts are REAL nice to look at. The main bodies are carved from billet aluminum, not cast like the old trusty blue pump we all have used, and the best part of it all is the price is very competitive with “ Ol’ Blue.” The Aeromotive pump and regulator are very nice pieces and, as you will find later in the article, they work very well too.

A close-up of the Aeromotive 2-port regulator and the Ashcroft pressure gauge. I fed the Demon carb with the single -08 line on the right and installed my fuel check valve on the left. The check valve is simply a radiator drain petcock and it works great.

For the remainder of the fuel system I used the stock Ford fuel tank and made my own pickup tube from 3/8” steel brake line. The picture shows the rather odd shape of the tube as it has to be made this way in order to fit within the factory sump area. I don’t like the way the leading end has to face towards the front of the car and I think I have a solution on the way from Aeromotive. More on this next issue.

From the new pickup tube I used a -08 braided hose and fittings from Aeroquip and plumbed it to my inline filter from Barry Grant, which I have coupled to the Aeromotive pump. The line exits the pump and after about 18 inches more of -08 braided it couples with a 1/2” aluminum fuel line that I bought in a 25-foot coil and carefully routed towards the front of the vehicle. One thing I paid extra attention to was making sure I routed the aluminum line away from any moving parts or sharp edges. Also, I fastened the line every foot or so with rubber-clad aluminum clamps to prevent chafing.

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