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ne area racers tend to neglect is the brake master cylinder. After all, it doesnÇt make the car one bit quicker or faster, and if the thing stops by the last turn-off road, why worry? If you fall into that category, perhaps you should. Here's why

There are countless (different) master cylinders available in today's marketplace, but for drag race door car applications, or any application with four-wheel brakes, be absolutely positive you use a dual or "tandem" assembly. Obviously, a dual master cylinder allows you to separate the brakes from front to rear. When shopping for a dual master cylinder, several features are critical, such as the piston bore dimensions and the location of the outlet ports. Believe it or not, many master cylinders (including those for countless late models with power brakes and ABS) have the outlet ports on the "wrong" (engine) side. This makes plumbing difficult (or impossible in some situations). Further to this, some master cylinders are not well suited to non-power boosted vehicles such as those seen in drag racing.

So which master cylinder is right for your application?
That depends, but for the most part, the Mopar style
cylinders sold by Mark Williams Enterprises are
perfect for the vast majority of "door cars". Why?
Simple. At least two different bore sizes are
readily available -- 1.00" and 1-1/8" (a 1-1/32"
bore cylinder can sometimes be located --
this is very close to a 1.00" assembly, and it's
sometimes called that by the respective
manufacturer). We'll get into the need for different
bore sizes in a minute. These master cylinders are
manufactured with an aluminum body along with a relatively
large capacity plastic reservoir with dual outlet bores (which
correctly face the driver side fender when mounted in the car).
If there is a shortcoming to this master cylinder design, it's the
size of the outlet fittings. The front fitting is a 9/16-20 Inverted
Flare while the rear is a 1/2-20 Inverted Flare. Unfortunately,
it's difficult to find appropriate adapter fittings for these flare
dimensions. Lamb Components does offer a solution.
They manufacture special #3 A-N male adapters
specifically for these master cylinders (these Lamb
fittings are relatively inexpensive and a real frustration-saver). FYI, the master cylinders sold by Mark Williams can have these Lamb fittings installed as an option.


When it comes to "door car" drag race master cylinders, this is one of the most common (and best) combinations.

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