Part 2


Last issue, we took a look at the some of the hardware used to install an Auto Meter Data Logger in a contemporary racecar (in this case, a NHRA SS/GT Firebird). In that issue, we showed you some of the hardware (sensors, etc) required for the hookup. What follows is a continuation of the hook up process along with a series of installation tips and tricks from the folks at Auto Meter.

Installation Tips & Tricks ...

Auto Meter is gaining a large following in the world of data logging devices. One of the reasons is that they offer hands-on installation tips and make the effort to service racer needs at the track. We've included a series of general installation tips from Auto Meter. There's nothing tricky here folks, but keep in mind a Data Logger is a sophisticated electronic device. You can't install one with a crescent wrench and claw hammer.

During the installation, one of the first things you have to do is fabricate a mount for the actual computer. This is a sheet metal mount fabricated for an installation. Since the car is a typical sportsman application, it doesn't have a magneto. This means that special shielding in the mount is unnecessary. As per the Auto Meter tech tips shown elsewhere in this column, weather-strip is used to isolate the computer from vibration.

1.The computer can be mounted at any angle in the vehicle and should be supported by foam rubber or weather stripping. When properly installed, you should be able to move the unit 1/8" to 1/4" in any direction with one finger.

2. The cables included with the system are interchangeable except the remote start switch. Each cable is labeled for a specific function. The system is designed to survive an accidental misconnection for a short period of time. Damage may occur from prolonged misconnections.

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