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Hello Mike,

I'm building a 86 Z28 for NHRA stock.  305 motor w/ quadrajet carb.   Just ordered a rearend w/ 5:38 grars.  Car needs to weigh 3100lbs.  What is your recommendations for a transmission?  Must run a 3 speed.  (TH200, TH350, TH400)

Earl Hopkins
Gilbert, AZ


We build a super lite TH350 roller style transmission with aluminum drums for Stock Eliminator.  This unit can also be built with a 2.75 low if needed.

Thank you for your questions,


Mike’s Transmission
Lancaster CA
(661) 723-0081



How much slip is in a torque converter ? I run a Super Pro, 1963 Nova, here in the north east and wondered if there is any more ET or mph in the converter. I leave at 4500 rpms on the trans brake and shift at 7000. I run 28 inch x 10.5 MT's, a power glide and 358 small block. I have 4.88 gears and I trap at 124 mph and 7400 rpm. I run decent ET's in the very low 10's but I think it could mile per hour better. The engine dyno'd at 550 hp at 6800 rpm's. The car weighs about 2700 with me in it.

Dave Jackson
Lancaster, PA


A normal race converter has anywhere from 2-6% slippage depending on engine torque, car weight & gear ratios. Usually we want to run between peak torque and peak horsepower. So we set up gear ratios and torque converter to keep the engine in that range. Any changes in these factors will change your slip %.

Thank you for your questions,


Mike’s Transmission
Lancaster CA
(661) 723-0081


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