I have a problem with my powerglide. When it gets hot it will back out of the lights. I've tried more RPMs to increase pump PSI. I've tried band adjustment. What do I do to make the trans rock forward an inch or two when the brake is applied?

Darren Phillips
Charleston SC


When you push the transbrake button you would expect it to hold. Sounds simple but it is not. Quite a few things must take place to make this happen.

1. We must have smooth adequate pump pressure and volume hot or cold.
2. We must have a good low gear system, both band and drum in good condition with good steady pressure.
3. Good reverse clutch system, clutch linings in good shape with good pressure no leaks.

When you apply your solenoid it takes low gear oil pressure and splits it to apply reverse. So if you have a weak pump or internal pressure leaks the low band may let go! So Darren, chances are your pump is worn, causing hydraulic pressure to drop, especially when hot. If you get out your transmission pressure gauge and hook it up to the low servo to take a pressure reading. You will probably find that it drops off a lot when hot. Normally it should not drop more than 5-10 percent at idle. When this trans is right you should be able to lock it down where you choose and it should hold you right there.



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