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Thanks for your time. I have an 80 z28 400hp/350 th350 tranny. I noticed that the bottom line on the radiator had a small crimp in it. Could this crimp cause the tranny not to shift into drive? This all happened today; it just stopped going into drive. There was a good fluid level and no burned smell; all of the vacuum lines were connected. It seems that it just slips into neutral once you let off in second but first to second is normal. I am going to fix the small crimp, but I was just curious if it's already toasted. I only drove it about a mile once it started all this and then I took it straight back home.

Thanks for your help!



The line would have to be crimped off big time to cut off cooler flow. But even if it was, this would only cut off lube back to the planets, and would not normally affect shifting until the gear train is burned up. Check that you have good vacuum and that the kickdown cable is not too tight. If all these are OK, you may have to do some detective work to see where the problem is. Drop the pan and inspect it for any wearing parts; the debris will show up here first. 350’s are know in stock form to wear out third gear drum bushings and sealing rings.


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