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I'm fairly new to drag racing. I recently purchased a 350 Turbo from a friend of mine. It was a spare for his NHRA Stock class Camaro. I had it gone through at the shop that originally built it. Everything is in great shape.

My car will sometimes creep forward after the transbrake is activated (while waiting for the tree). I accidentally burnt the solenoid and had to get an aftermarket solenoid (TCI). I noticed the old one was adjustable, but the new one is not. I was wondering if this problem could be the reverse band may not be activating far enough. Is that possible?

The Hipster brake works fine backing up. Could it be the fluid level? I have a deep pan on it. I have the fluid level in the appropriate area for the dipstick that came with the car. (Stock) converter was cut and adjusted by Custom conv. engineering.

Thanks for your time.

Dave Freeman


Welcome to drag racing and best of luck with your efforts. In answer to your request for information, transbrake holding power can depend on one or more of the following points:

1.Pump rpm = pressure, volume to hold torque, need to stage 1200 rpm or higher
2. Brake valve placement in case = solenoid stroke.
3. Voltage to solenoid = solenoid holding power.
4. Inadequate clutch surface area to hold torque.

Any of the above can allow the car to creep. Also, it is not good to mix and match solenoids, the stroke may be different enough to cause a problem like the one you describe.

By the way, the 350 transmission uses clutches in place of bands, therefore, there can be no band adjustment.

Mike Stewart is owner of Mike’s Transmission in Lancaster, California. He will answer your questions about automatic or powerglide transmissions.




low, low prices and great deals

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