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Mountain Magic

The Godfather of “mountain motor” racing engines Sonny Leonard has agreed to join our staff of experts and answer your questions regarding big, big drag racing and marine engines. Sorry one question to a customer so make it a good one.


We run your 706 in outlaw 10.5 with 4 systems. what baseline can you recomend in reguards to setting the intervals on the run when to engage each system and how much? We have found so far that less is more. We just want to be able to use all four systems instead of two or three in the eighth mile. Some pro mod teams are bringing in all four on a progressive, but the 10.5 tire won't let us do it. P.S. We really love the new heads, we got three tenths on motor just on a head change!!!

Jack Curles


First of all thanks for choosing one of my engines for your race efforts. As to your nitrous question I would say that how much nitrous your are trying to put into the engine with each stage determines how soon you can bring all four stages on line. The smaller amount of nitrous each stage has the sooner into the run you can bring it in. One thing I really suggest you do to optimize your nitrous and control wheel spin is using the MSD Digital 7 ignition system. It allows you to retard ignition timing for each stage of nitrous which will help you control both detonation and wheelspin.

Thanks for using our parts and good luck

Sonny Leonard


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