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Could you please help me choose the right set of heads for my engine build? I have a 350 4 bolt main block bored 30 eagle steel crank forged rods. The block has been deck the rotating assembly has been balance and the cam thats going in to it is a XR276HR-10 DURATION 224/230 MAX lift

Is 510 a good choice? I want to get a set of heads that will give me the most torque, but I only have about $1200 to spend on the heads.

Could you please help me out?

Richie Rodriguez
Stockon, CA


You didn't specify aluminum or cast iron but both are available in the price range you are looking at. You say your looking for the most torque so without knowing what this engine will be going into I'll assume it's a below 6000 rpm combo.

There are simply too many heads available for the SBC that would work for you to allow me to even be able to recommend just one. I can give you some basic things to look for however.

Keeping in mind your after torque, I would recommend looking for a head with nothing larger than 180 cc intake runner volume. If you don't care about the "bling" of aluminum by all means stay with cast iron if weight is not an issue. Also, use a dual plane intake. Your cam should work fine in a engine this size. Nothing larger than a 750 cfm carb. also. A number of manufacturers such as RHS, DART, Edelbrock, etc. offer what you need.

Hope this helps.

Jay Roeder


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