I have a Ford 306 in an '83 Mustang Coupe. It has a 672 solid lift roller and 106 lobe separation. It has high port cast iron heads and a super victor intake 1.72 roller rockers. My question is what timing should I run? I have tried anywhere from 32 to 38 degrees. I
can't get it to 60'. I have a lean problem too; I have a pro systems 780 xc carb on it, and having detonation problems and leanness, I've squared jets off all the way up to 99prim and 99 sec. I still can't get a good plug reading at any timing either. I have champion c59yc plugs gapped at .048! I am pulling 7100 rpms at shift point. It made 480 horse at rear wheels like that. I was told by somebody to change the high speed air bleeds, so I went from 35 to 32 and that did help, but still lean. My fuel pressure is eight pounds from the start to the finish line. Should I go down more in the airbeds? I put gas jets back to 73 82 like it came from pro systems. Patrick James from pro systems said that is way too much jet and to start from scratch again. I put the float level at 25% into the site plug on secondary and just below sight plug on primary. It has a 456 gear and an eight inch 5500 cone converter and trans brake, but I can't get 60' and the mph is inconsistent, too. Help me if you can.

Thanks a lot,



The lean condition is probably most of your problem. This effects 60' time, mph and all around consistency. I think that you may have a fuel volume problem. There can be constant psi, but that does not reflect volume. I would look at line size, fuel filter, pump volume and fuel tank/cell pick-up location.


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