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I have a '95 Jeep Grand Cherokee with a V8 5.2 litre engine with multi-port fuel injection. It delivers 300 lbs of torque, but is very slow off the line. Is there any suggestion on how to boost the off-the-line speed and pickup? It has 240 horsepower.

Are there any adjustments that can be made to take excessive weight off the car and add more horsepower? I heard the less fuel, the less heavy. Is that true?

Iceman (no, not that one)

Dear Iceman,

There are a couple of things that you can do to help your "off the line" performance. You could change your rear gear ratio to 3.73. If I'm not mistaken, your 5.2 litre engine is a 318 Dodge, so your local Dodge dealer can fix you up with a horsepower computer to help power and torque.

As far as the weight issue it is the ultimate performance killer. One hundred pounds is a tenth of a second in the quarter-mile.

Scott Walker



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