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Part 2 - Wiring, Upgrades and Installation

by Matt Rose

All right, on to the fun part! Now that the motor was out and the prep to the engine bay was done, I started working on the wiring on the new motor so I could get it to plug into the stock harness like it was the factory engine. This was not simple; I would suggest professional help for an inexperienced mechanic or anybody not familiar with major engine electrical work. In order for this to work I took the engine harness off the H22A as I marked each plug with tape so there was no confusion where it came from. I then did the same thing to the engine harness on the D16. There were some differences in the harnesses, but with the wire diagrams to both motors I could easily identify how everything was wired. About 80 percent of the D16’s harness plugged into the H22A’s sensors and accessories. There were some plugs that had to be lengthened and some that needed to be changed to accommodate the newer style sensor in some places or that could change the sensor to accept the plug. Be very careful in this stage of the install. If you make a mistake here it could cause you a lot of problems.

I went with yellow flex loom and yellow tape and loomed it up to give a nice look to the harness, plus it was such a pain in the rear to do that I didn’t want people to overlook what took me the longest! The stock P28 ECM will work on this application with some modification. What had to be done was fairly simple; the chip had to be reconfigured with new parameters for injector pulse, fuel curve, timing, redline and secondary or V-tech engagement. So I contacted a guy at hyperducktuning.com and he had a package deal for two custom chips and the socket. So I ordered them, took the socket and the ecu to a local TV repair shop and had the ecu socketed. Now it will accept all three chips: the stock D16 chip and the other two for the H22. Both chips have different parameters, one for racing and one for street (emissions). Upgrading the performance on the H22 while it was still out of the car was fun. There’s nothing like getting the goodies from UPS; it is almost as cool as my birthday or Christmas.

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