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Prepping the engine compartment to put in the new motor was simple. I cleaned the whole engine compartment and then painted it, which is unnecessary but I figured that I might as well do it now to get it out of the way. The old exhaust was unusable so I took it off. The new engine mounts are heavier duty than the stock mounts, so there are only three with a solid rear mount. To get the engine to drop in properly, the passenger mount needs to be modified so the shifting mechanism will clear and then the engine mount bolts line up perfectly. I also installed the slim fan in place. When you install the slim fan, make sure that it is a high flow slim fan or you will have cooling problems.

There is one down side to swapping to the H22. The power steering will not clear, so if you're working on a car with power steering, take the lines on the steering rack and run them into each other with a pipe. Try to keep fluid in the lines or put in a manual steering rack. Another task is to convert the linkage style shifter to a cable style. A hole has to be cut for the cables to drop through and then run to the transmission without binding them, or you won't be able to shift properly. Then I mounted the shifter in place of the stock one. The shifter was tall, so I cut a section out to suit placement in the cabin. This was important to me; I didn't want it to feel odd or uncomfortable while driving.

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