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by Dave Koehler


Nos question; does less timing make hp? Example: 39 degrees minus 12 degrees (300nos shot)=27 degrees down track or does more timing make hp with nos? What type of racing gas is best when using nos on a high compression motor( plate/ fogger)? Thanks for your help

Pierre Burley
Charlotte, NC


The amount of retard suggested by the kit suppliers is just that, only a suggestion. It's not written in stone and you may experiment to find what works best for your engine and nitrous tune up.  If you are satisfied that your current combination results in the car and it is going down the track ok and the spark plugs look right then change the timing 1 or 2 degrees, check all your plugs and log the results. If the ET improves then yes, I suppose you could say that timing makes horsepower but what you have really done is optimize the ignition firing point to help create the maximum amount of cylinder pressure. Please note that if you already have a lean, on the edge, tune up this could be trouble so think, look and study before making changes.

Fuel: VP and Torco, two of the major race fuel suppliers with VP16 probably being the most commonly used fuel. It's best to contact them directly and tell them everything about your combination in order to get a recommendation of which grade of fuel is best suited for your use.

Have a safe race,

Dave Koehler

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