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Check Out That Chassis

By Scott Weney of S&W Racecars

I have a 67 camaro full round tube chassis. I normally run a 16x33 slick and can 60ft 1.15 sec. I am switching to 10.5w tires. What differently do I have to do to the chassis set-up for the first time out as not to blow away the tire?

Gil Merolli

      I would start by loosen the front strut setting to soft and give it all the front suspension travel. Then you need to set the 4-link to about a 40” ic about 8” off the ground.

The rear shocks will be the key to making this all work, you need double adjustable shock, I prefer strange set them about 4 on the extension and 2 on the compression.
Video tape the car leaving this will be your best tuning tool. Study the tape, you want the car to hit the tire hard and continue to hold the tire down thru the first 60’. If it needs more hit shorten the ic.

Frank, if you need more help give me a call.

Scott Weney
President, S & W Race Cars


I have bought a salvage repairable vehicle, if the chassis is knocked slightly whats the best form of action to straighten it out?

John Richard


In a race car application we would put the car back on our jig and see just what moved and then figure out how to cut or heat to move it back. If this is a stock chassis or unibody car a frame machine like a body shop would use may be the best way.

I wish you Luck in your repair.

Scott Weney
President, S & W Race Cars


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Check Out That Chassis [5/8/06]
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