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Check Out That Chassis

By Scott Weney of S&W Racecars

I have a 1988 Mustang. If I drop the front end of the upper control arms 1" it will move IC rearward. What effect will I have on traction by doing this. This is a BBF Auto trans car w/ 10.5 tires.

Les Morris


By moving the top link down you are shortening the IC. This will make it hit the tire harder on the leave and this will help a 10.5 tire car. The biggest problem you can create by doing the is you will need better shocks to help control the hit and stop the tire from rebounding back up after the hit. A good double adjustable shock will help this. The best tool you have for these types of changes is a video camera. Call me if you need any help or send us your video.


Scott Weney
President, S & W Race Cars


I have a 76 datsun 280z with a 400 horse 350 2 speed glide. Is it  normal for the rear end to wag around, it feels like I have a trailor fishtailing behind me. We are running 10:90s at 122 mph.

Richard Smith


If this is when the car leaves the line I would add a little air to the tires, this will stiffen the side wall.

But If this is in the shutdown area that your car wags it’s tag! What we have found is the narrower cars do this more and easier because the suspension is so narrow. Your car will benefit from a panhard bar, this is old school but it works, it is a direct 1 to 1 load on the bar and rod ends with less chance of any movement. The load put on a diagonal track bar is more than 3 times the load a panhard bar sees. So any clearance the rod ends have is multiplied and this is where your wag comes from.   


Scott Weney
President, S & W Race Cars


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