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By Scott Weney of S&W Racecars

I have a 700hp 89 mustang coupe. I currently run a stock suspension, but am looking for more hook. Therefore I plan on purchasing a set of ladder bars. Can you advise me on what I should look for when shopping around. I want the best possible. Also what needs to be done to my car? Do I need to tub it, basically what kind of preparation am I looking at? Thanks for any help.

Peter McDonald


Ladder bars are a good choice. I would go with our double adjustable 32" bar for your Mustang. You should also be able to get a slightly larger tire without tubbing it. When you install the ladder bar you will need to modify the floor pan for clearance and add a ladder bar front crossmember. Make sure you tie it all together with you subflame connectors. I would highly recommend a good set of adjustable coil overs and adjustable mounts. Your Mustang would also benefit from adjustable front shock too.

Give us a call - we can hook you up!

Scott Weney
President, S & W Race Cars

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