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By Jim Salemi

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I am building a corvette roadster for bracket racing. I am new to setting up 4-links. Could you please give me a starting place for where to put the instant center? It will be for brackets only, so consistent RT and ET are more critical than quickness. The car should weigh approximately 2100 lbs. with 50% rear wt. It has struts on the front with 225 lb. springs (per Strange rec.), 110 lb. springs on the rear. I am running a 421 ci. small block with a glide, 4.88 rear gears, probably 1.76 first gear. Could you give me some direction as to shock settings, etc. I need all the help I can get.



P.S. I race at Lancaster and I have seen your work. Very impressive!


Thanks for the question. Everything you are doing seems to be right in line with the way we would approach a project like yours. There are a couple of critical points of information that I need but I'll do my best. Those points are if the car will have a throttle stop and what brand shocks are on the car. Without knowing the rear shock brand it is hard to suggest a setting with each brand having different valving and adjustment settings. With the rear weight @ 50% and a throttle stop in use set the 4-Link in the high fifties to low sixties in the area of ten inches up. That will jerk the front wheels out of the beam quickly for a good reaction time. Pay attention to wheelie bar height as to not unload the tire and cause tire spin. If the car does not have a throttle stop move the intersection point to mid forties to low fifties at seven to nine inches up. This is a better setting for a full on power setting (no throttle stop). It keeps the car balanced and smooth through the first part of the run. Also make sure the wheelie bar controls the car and does not upset the overall performance of the car. Engine location is very critical to the actions and adjustment of the chassis. So these suggestions and measurements might need a few trial and error attempts.

Thanks Jim Salemi G-Force Race Cars Inc.




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