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Q1: My son just purchased a 1973 Camaro street car with basically stock suspension. It has a 355-inch small block Chevy motor with a turbo 350. The rear has drag shocks and Caltrac bars on it, old Super Stock stuff, I think. I plan to put a 421-inch small block in, but right now I need to know how to get it set with what is there now. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Tell me what I need to make it work with what's there or what else I can add.

A1:It all depends on what your budget is. I would install a good rear suspension, starting with a 9-inch Ford. Then I'd move on to ladder bars and rear coil-overs with tubs, frame rails and a roll cage (for safety). Add 14x32 tires and you will be able to add all the power you want and the car will take it.


Q2: I have recently purchased a Pro Mod '37 Chevy and am in the middle of converting it into a bracket racer/Super Gas car. How can I decide the best pinion angle for my car? And how critical is this? Presently it I set up around 9.5 inches.

I have a 3-speed Lenco with a Bruno and converter. Do you think this would be competitive in Super Gas?

Grant Howell

A2: As long as there are no clearance problems with the hood, etc. I would use a 12-inch centerline. As for your combination, most Super Gas guys use a Powerglide, but your combination is good and should be competitive.



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