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My Camaro just doesn't seem to short time well at all. The best time to date is in the 1.57 range but the average is usually 1.62-1.68. I have adjusted the coil-over shocks softer to harder and tire pressures from 9.5psi to 10.5psi with no apparent improvement. Will moving the ladder bar down help?

1969 Camaro - 3550# w/driver
CE 90-10 front shocks and stock
            BB springs
Coil-over shocks w/130# springs
16.5X31 ET street tires
PG w/3800rpm stall convertor
footbrake leave @ 2000rpm
best time - 6.97 @ 98.48 mph w/1.57 60'

Michael Botkins


The crank centerline to ground needs to be at least 13 inches and the weight distribution must be at least 50 percent on the rear tires. You also need to make sure that the bottom tube of the ladder bars is level or slanting downhill no more than one degree.

This should improve those 60-foot times.



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