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Larry Wolyniec is owner of Competition Motorsports in specialize in building NMCA type cars. If you have a chassis question, please email to


I am looking to take weight off my red Vette. Do you have replacement tubular upper and lower control arms or do you know where I can get them? Also do you have any ideas on rack or a kit for 1980 Vette? I have front and rear light weight disc brakes with Dana 60 in the rear. Any info and prices would help.

Keep up the good work

Wayne Keegan



To answer your question on the rack, we had Sweet Mfg. Build us a custom rack to fit the parameters of the 80 Vette suspension, then we went on to build some custom steering arms to get the proper steering ratio. We have some of the parts in stock so give us a call at 708-430-5565. Maybe we can make it very easy for you to complete this project.

Regarding the front brakes, we had Strange Engineering build us a front brake kit that was well suited for the speed and the weight of the car. As far as the rear brakes, I think if you call Strange they have an "off the shelf" kit available for your application. The number for Strange Engineering is 847-869-7010.

Thanks again and Good luck this year!

Larry Wolyniec



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