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With the current trend of billet throttle brackets, overflow cans, etc., I thought a quick look at some "low buck" tech tips might interest you. If you have some tips to share with DRO readers, email them to

Spin Control?
Ground effects in bracket racing? Kenny Smith of Morgantown, Indiana uses a Spitzer Race Cars-designed "ground effects" on his rear engine dragster. He has made hundreds of runs with the car, some with the ground effects package, some with a regular rear wing and some with no wing at all. His preference is the "ground effects." He said it does not slow him down like the conventional rear wing but still keeps the car glued to the track on the quarter-mile.

It is bracket racers like Kenny Smith working with innovative chassis shops like Spitzer's that has made drag racing better. He has the safety of the down-force at speeds in excess of 160 mph but almost no wind resistance or the problems a broken wing strut could cause.

Charge It!
This one is a battery charger that is mounted in the car. No more hauling one around or worse yet, leaving it in the garage on race day! This is a marine quality 10 amp charger for single or dual battery systems. It has a "three step" charging process to soak the batteries correctly without overcharging them. All you need now is 110 volts and plug it in. On this car the plug is mounted in the old fuel tank filler inlet. Remove the fuel cap and plug in your drop cord.

You can find these at marinas or email me andI will put you in touch with a retailer.

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