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Volume VIII, Issue 4, Page

Project 4-Link Freshens the Motor


don’t know about you guys, but when I start to sense that racing season might actually get here I still get pumped up about it. Once I hit my mid-fifties I thought I might start thinking about fishing or golf again. GUESS NOT! My spare time thoughts were on getting my cam degreed in, ordering the parts I needed and, for the first time in a couple of years, rebuilding my own engine again. I now know the one thing I have missed the last two years -- engine building. You have to concentrate and pay attention to details and shut out any distractions. For me it is a peaceful time after a stress-filled day at work.

Well, I got out my trusty selection of catalogs thatI order all winter long. Jeg’s, Indy Cylinder Head, Moroso, Flatout Gaskets, Barry Grant / Demon carbs, TCI, Strange, the new guy -- 440Source.com and, of course, Comp Cams.

The first thing to do is take everything apart and clean it up. Make room so you can spread parts out and not just throw them in a pile. I recommend magnafluxing the crank and block. After stripping the heads I have them pressure tested.

I had about five different lists of things to get but the number one stumbling block was my cracked Callies crankshaft. After several weeks of looking for a replacement, Russ at Indy Cylinder Head got one for me. Thanks again, Russ, I appreciate it.

Moroso vacuum pump back in place an the engine is sitting between the rails of Project 4-link.

Inside the Moroso 4-vane. Small end bearing looked OK. The vanes needed replaced, they lasted four seasons.

While I was waiting on the crankshaft I decided to check the Moroso 4-vane vacuum pump that had served me so well for the past four seasons. I ordered a Moroso rebuild kit and took it apart, cleaned it up and installed the new parts. If you do this be sure to put some assembly lube on the bearing and coat the vanes with oil.

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