Preparing for Top Dragster in '04


he preparation for 2004 continues as we are making final decisions on engine parts and converter combinations. Last month we dropped the engine off at Roeder Performance and Machine. Since then he has flowed the Indy 440-1 cylinder heads and ordered a set of Ferra stainless valves, got the piston order in to CP Pistons and started on the block by doing the cylinder boring. He has also ordered the rod, main and camshaft bearings and an ARP main stud kit.

The pistons are getting some special treatment to make them lighter and retain the durability CP Pistons are known for. We are hoping to lighten the pistons and pins by about 90 grams even though the pistons are .120" larger. A special ring package has also been ordered and we will cover that next month. We are expecting a compression ratio of 14.8:1 and with the Rubber Coated Copper Head Gaskets from Flat-Out Gaskets and the O-ringed cylinder heads we should have no problem keeping it all inside the engine.

Both of the powerglides are out and ready to be taken to local transmission guru and good friend, Steve Oldani, to be checked out. I had ZERO problems with them and don't expect to find anything broken. The converter in the Vega was a different story and when I lost two tenths in 60' times we knew it had broken. With a new converter in the Vega I'll probably "USE" those wheelie bars a little more!! FUN!!

We have decided to make a cam change with the addition of the tunnel ram and the extra 1100 cfm of air flow. Chris Padgitt at Comp Cams is working on it right now and the exact number will be in the next "Project 4-Link" column. I have just received the new rocker arms from Indy Cylinder Head and we are switching to 1.6:1 ratio rockers this year instead of the 1.5:1 we used the last three seasons. We will be using Comp Cams roller lifters, springs, 10 degree titanium retainers and locks as well.

I have always ran one carburetor and when I unpacked the Enderle linkage kit for the tunnel ram I was wondering why I chose two carburetors! Probably isn't as difficult as it looks but I'll let you know what I ran into as it goes together. What are the odds it all fits without modification?


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