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Drag Racing Online brings you a step-by-step series of tech articles on purchasing, building and racing a rear engine dragster. Check back to this site for frequent updates to watch our progress .
Project 4 Link: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

When is enough really ENOUGH? Fuel systems, programmable ignitions, cooling systems and monitoring everything. Did I mention we got to the strip too!

We are putting the final touches to the “Project 4-Link” as we get ready for the second trip to the strip for licensing runs. The final details of getting the wiring finished up, why we decided to go with the new Demon 1090 King Demon carburetor and BG Fuel Systems components. I will show you why we chose the CSI cooling system and a bunch of “little details” that set Dragstar Chassis apart from other chassis builders. I think you will like what you see and read in this article. I can’t wait to tell you how the first weekend went (I hope!). Lot of details in this article, so if you are keeping notes and thinking about ordering a car, get the crayons out…here we go.

Now that we have set up the “tune-up” on the MSD 7 Programmable ignition control box we can get started working on the details. MSD’s new Programmable 7 makes things like rpm limits, timing controls, shift rpms, etc very easy to set up. I set the Start Retard at twenty degrees since the crank trigger is set at 34 degrees and the distributor advance is locked. The new smaller diameter MSD Billet Distributor offers more clearance for the Indy Cylinder Heads and the crank trigger is becoming standard equipment on high horsepower engines.

With the laptop computer hooked to the MSD Programmable 7 all aspects of the ignition system can be custom taillored to your needs. I started with 14 degrees of start retard, but have changed that to 20 degrees. Other outputs I am using are: burnout RPM (5800), air shifter control (7000), RPM limit (7400) ICT (individual cylinder timing – this works with fiber optic pickup and crank trigger to assure accurate timing to each cylinder). Other features we will try later are launch timing curves (mainly for greasy summer start lines) and high gear retard.

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