(Bob Snakyo photo) Big Daddy in about 1962.


Thirty-five NHRA national event wins, including eight U.S. Nationals titles, three NHRA World Championships, 25 IHRA National event wins and three IHRA world titles, and 10 AHRA world titles.


The greatest Ford drag racer ever! A 10-time NHRA Pro Stock world champ and one-time IHRA world champ. He also scored 85 NHRA national event wins and still holds the NHRA consecutive race win mark at nine.

Now, here are some racers that are not in the Hall of Fame, but we at DRO believe should be.


Tim Marshall photo

One of the precious few drivers who can claim Top Fuel world titles in all three hot rod associations. As a teenager Jeb Allen was the 1977 AHRA kingpin as well as the 1980 IHRA and 1981 NHRA boss. In addition, Allen was the racer who finally bettered Don Garlits’ 5.63 all-timer at the 1975 Supernationals by turning a 5.62 at the 1981 NHRA Gatornationals. Among his bigger event wins were titles at the 1981 NHRA Winternationals, back-to-back NHRA Summernationals (1978/79) wins and two IHRA Springnationals crowns. All in all, he won five NHRA national events, four IHRA ones and an unknown mount of AHRA titles.

How Jeb Allen has been passed over for Hall of Fame Status boggles our mind.


The late Dave Schultz is the most successful NHRA motorcycle racer in history, scoring 49 national event wins and winning six NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle World Championships. Schultz has mind-boggling credentials yet this man hasn’t been inducted into the hall of fame. Again his omission is virtually unexplainable.


Right up there with Mike Snively as an underrated talent, Carbone was a proficient Top Fuel winner in the mid-1960s through the very early 1970s. He really got rolling in 1968 with John Bateman’s Atlas Tool dragster, which won that season’s Hot Rod Magazine 32-car Top Fuel show. That year, and driving the Creitz-Donovan dragster, Carbone won a huge 64-car PDA show at Fremont and the invitation-only Mr. USA Eliminator race, beating Don Garlits in the final. In 1969, he won the NHRA Top Fuel World Championship and the AHRA World Points Finale race, although the AHRA race did not net him that group’s world title. Carbone’s most memorable and final big win was his victory over Garlits in the 1971 U.S. Nationals “Great Burndown” Top Fuel finale.


We here at DRO have noticed a lack of sportsman racers in the International Hall of Fame. With that in mind one racer that we are going to nominate is Dave Boertman. He has to rate near the top of just about anyone’s Stock/Super Stock list for just his performances from the years beginning in 1959 through 1990. He won his first NHRA national event by taking the 1959 Stock World Championship and would follow with 16 more NHRA wins and two more NHRA World Championships. Boertman was also a player in IHRA competition winning 12 of their national events.


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