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by Chris Martin

Wutda matta — big bad, twibia qwiz too hard for 'da bad ole puddy tat?

Okay, I'm being a minor-league asshole here, but the participation in our trivia quizzes is falling off and we at DRO Preeeee-Zooooom that maybe they're a tad obscure. Okay.

Here's what we'll do. In deference to our burgeoning readership, we'll tone 'er down a little bit. Good luck, you big .. uh ... friendly readers.

6.0 Noooos



1. Who recorded the first 6.0-second run in a Top Fuel dragster?

2. Leaving aside match-race times, which was the first big meet 6.0-second Funny Car time?

who ran it?     

and where?     

3. Who won the 1978 Orange County Manufacturers Funny car championship?

(HINT: He set low e.t. at a 6.04)


full name:

email address:

Oh yeah, here are the answers that nobody got to the last quiz. What is this, a boycott? Ok, ok, Mssrs Greenberg and Lipps are hereby returned to competition. Surely someone knows something besides them! Huh?

Question 1: NWA heavyweight World Champion Dusty Rhodes sponsored a fuel flopper at the Rebel Winter series in 1982. Name the driver and car.
Answer: Mike Husen drove the "Cosmic Cowboy."

Question 2: Who was the driver of the "Kentuckian" Fuel Coupe in 1978?
Answer: Murph McKinney

Question 3: At what track did Warren Johnson clinch the IHRA Pro Stock World Championship in 1980?
Answer: Atmore, Alabama

Tie Breaker Question: Name the car sponsor and make of WJ's car
Answer: Jerome Bradford was the owner. The car was a '79 Camaro.


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