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Well, we finally got the answer to our trivia question. Mr Russ Lipps (who by the way along with Lyle Greenberg are now 86’d from the trvia contest having each won twice) correctly answered the questions.

Question: Who was the first non-American nitro division champion?

Answer: Canadian Top Fuel racer Scott Wilson won the NHRA Division 3 Top Fuel title in 1966.

Question: Who was the first Hot Rod Association Pro Stock season champion? (In 1969 this class was referred to as Super Stock rather than Pro Stock).

Answer: Gary Kimble won the AHRA Super Stock Championship in 1969 driving Bill Allen’s 427-powered Camaro. The class was called Super Stock but the cars, which were mostly big block Chevys, Fords and Mopars, ran a heads-up, no-breakout format. They didn’t refer to the class as Pro Stock in AHRA until 1971.

O.K. Here are the next questions for everybody except Russ and Lyle, who retire as undefeated champions.


1. NWA heavyweight World Champion Dusty Rhodes sponsored a fuel flopper at the Rebel Winter series in 1982. Name the driver and car.

. . .and what car?

2: Who was the driver of the "Kentuckian" Fuel Coupe in 1978?


3: At what track did Warren Johnson clinch the IHRA Pro Stock World Championship in 1980?

Name the track:

Tie Breaker: Name the car sponsor and make of WJ’s car.

Sponser: Make:

full name:

email address:



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