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Funny Car driver Bob Gilbertson calls it discrimination. He wants to buy a new GM body for his Chevy Camaro. Harry Turner, General Motors Racing Group Manager, says get in line -- at the end of the line, pal.

Gilbertson's sponsor Jim Stewart calls that arrogance and exclusivity.

GM calls it supply and demand.

Stewart concedes that much. He's aware that Hairy Glass, GM's primary production source in Jacksonville, Fla., is backed up with orders. But that "don't call us and we won't call you, either" punch to the gut he felt he got in Chicago during the Lucas Oil Products NHRA Nationals has him reeling.

"We're in such a predicament that if anything happens to the one decent body we have, we could be dead. We are perilously close to not being able to compete,' Stewart says. Crew chief Paul Smith adds of the operation, "It could end this next run."

Evidently GM can live with that.

And a certain Turner 'tude has Gilbertson and his Terminator Motorsports team miffed.

Stewart, staggered by what he calls Turner's "absolute, incredible, sheer arrogance," says his Stewart & Stevenson Military Truck Division has been a GM client outside the race track for 38 years. And he claims when he suggested he might contact some of his own business associates there to get some satisfaction, Turner replied -- with what Gilbertson says was "a big smirk on his face" -- "I'll give you a quarter. You can call anybody you want. It won't do you any good. Not only will we not sell you one, we won't put you on any list." They say Turner flippantly suggested, "Go buy a Ford."

Turner denied making any such comments: "That's not true. If they said that, they were lying. He didn't like the story he got from me, and he's making stuff up. And I don't appreciate it."



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