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A Day in the Life of John Force
Part 2

In Part 1, we got the John Force museum tour. Now, with his ever-present cup of coffee in hand, John heads for his office, writer and photographer in tow.

Force is allowing Coil (photo below), the greatest crew chief in the sport's history, and Fedderly gear for war. And make no mistake about it, 2001 on the NHRA drag strips across the country will be a war. Force is the one they all want to beat.

Even Top Fuel champion Gary Scelzi has given thought to changing classes in an effort to beat Force. Prudhomme, whom Force holds in very high regard, is adding a second Funny Car in a bid to unseat Force.

"I win an event and the sponsors immediately say,   `Did you beat John Force?' " Prudhomme said during the 2000 season-finale at Fairplex. "That's what he means to the sport."

Prudhomme has a special meaning to Force. Upon the mention of his name earlier in the tour, Force wanted to know if the visitors had seen the poster in the main showroom. Among the autographed pictures of Elvis and his gold records is a print showing Prudhomme between Marilyn Monroe and James Dean on a lunch counter in a big city. Across the street, in the dark, pushing a grocery cart is John Force.

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