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By Chris Martin
Photos by Jeff Burk and Jeff Leonard

CORDOVA, Ill. -, the meanest conga dancers in the straight-line orchestra and the most powerful drag racing entity on the internet, took advantage of the free-for-all atmosphere at Cordova Dragway Park's 49th annual World Series of Drag Racing to host its second DRO Quick 8 Special. The four quickest dragsters and the four quickest "doorslammers" made up the eight-car field and when the top end lights faded for the final time, the winner of the show was Keith McCoy of Washington, Ill., in a super quick '79 Trans Am. This marks the second time that a doorslammer has won the much coveted DRO prizes.

And just what were the prizes from this corporate powerhouse that generated all this six- and seven-second activity? How about $1,000 to the winner? How about $650 to the runner-up? How about $200 just for qualifying? How about a free drum of fuel, courtesy of Torco, for just being the first alternate, be thou a dragster or doorslammer? Huh? How 'bout them DRO dogs?

Seriously folks, before we plunge into who-did-what-to-whom, in addition to Torco, a tip of the DRO hat has to go to Jeg's, MSD, Scott Walker's ASW Race Engines, and Ohio Crankshaft for putting up non-contingency dough. Our additional sponsors were Koehler Engineering, Mike's Transmission and Oddy's Dyno Tested Race Engines.

Qualifying for the show was dominated by the dragsters. Dave Keeling of nearby
Bettendorf, Iowa, ripped a 6.803/199.94 to lead the field with No. 2 qualifier Tim Stevens (6.838) and Don Speer (6.964) in hot pursuit. The first "doorslammer" (and this is a loose definition of "doorslammer") on the qualifying sheets was Dennis "Critter" Maudsley in his "Crazy Critter" '48 Fiat all-steel, alky-burning Fuel Altered at a 7.562.

McCoy got a break to lead off round one when Stevens' potent dragster broke on the line, affording the eventual winner an 8.08/175.84 win.

If McCoy's win wasn't eye-opening enough, Maudsley's win over Pat Richardson in the Halley & Richardson former Pro Stock Pontiac Firebird was. Maudsley's tempermental, ill-handling beast was brought under control long enough to rack up a 7.85/141.55 to 8.39/166.99 victory.

The first six-second run of eliminations cropped up next when chassis builder Don Speer's 6.950/191.27 covered the 8.37/139.87 of Hank Enzellis' Camaro. Closing out the round was Keeling, whose blown dragster cranked a 6.89/170.58 to handle Rick Verkler's 7.60/179.83 in a Ford.

The semifinals proved to be corral time for the "Crazy Critter." The wild Fiat fell back into its old ill-handling habits again and shut off against McCoy's winning 8.16/165.84. Keeling then established himself as the favorite in the final when the best run of eliminations, a 6.82/191.62, embalmed a decent 7.02/186.48 effort by Speer.

And then there was the final. McCoy had goosed his mount to some mighty seven-second efforts in the past and one would think he'd need one against Keeling's potent dragster, but alas and alack. Keeling did a burnout and lost fire whereupon his crew pushed him back to the line fast enough to re-fire the car. Unfortunately, it farted to a stop on the rollback and McCoy sped to 9.88, 92.61 solo for the win.


Hey, you play ball with us, we play ball with you. You qualify for the DRO Quick 8, you get ink. I've got to caution here that the nine thumbnail sketches seen here were collected after Saturday's second qualifying session. So, if someone made the show or ran hard and didn't get in, well ... next time get yer entries in early so we know where to look when we begin our pub crawl through the pits.


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