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Responses to Jok Nicholson's
Dead-On Column

Well, Jok certainly hit a nerve with his Dead-On column about contingency money. Here is the first batch of your letters. The final letter in this section is from J.W. Performance Transmissions, the only manufacturer to respond thus far.


The overriding truth in this deal is that it is just like an entry fee - the losers are paying the winners.

1. If you purchase the product within the prescribed time frame AND
2. If you actually have it installed AND
3. If you have the proper size decals actually on the car for the entire event AND
4. If you win or runner-up at the event AND
5. Your car checks legal AND
6. You call and write and fax and e-mail the sanctioning bodies and the companies that have posted THEN
7. You MIGHT get the money.
That is why my Super Stock looks like it does.

Carl Weisinger


I absolutely agree with this. We even had a manufacturer, CSI, that used our name in their advertising but refused to pay us winners money. The son of the owner screamed to my wife to get the out of his trailer at the Gatornationals when she didn't want to listen to his bs about why they did not pay. After we contacted IHRA we finally got the $100 check after almost a year.

To me contingency is a business deal, I advertise their product, they pay me if I fulfill the agreement by winning a race. If not, racers should not use their products.

On the positive side, Crane cams has always paid us in time (they were not mentioned in your listing)

Lennart Bergqvist


I loved your new article about Contingency Money and I think you are right. I don't understand why the companies of these products just don't have the tracks pay, and the tracks can submit the bill to the companies after the fact. I know most racers count on the money and products from the Contingency programs (at least I do). I am glad you decided to speak out on this issue and keep to the good work.

Bob Payton
3093 S/C
3092 S/P


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