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(Part 1)


In a season short of nitro performance superlatives, what with the 90-percent rule of NHRA and the IHRA blower restrictions, it was refreshing to see the results of the Pepsi Fuel Altered bash held this summer at Firebird Raceway in Emmett, Idaho. At that event, long-time Funny Car and Fuel Altered driver Ron Fassl carded a 5.51, making him the quickest Fuel Altered driver in history.

As much as it grinds me to say it, that feat probably drew a "Big deal" from a lot of drag race fans. The average age of the typical drag racing fan is something like 35, which means that they were born when the Fuel Altered was coming into its own. They're ancient history.

As for me, I took my usual purist stance when informed of the run: Fassl's roadster was a Funny Car using a roadster body. In fact, nearly all Fuel Altereds of the last 20 years can be nailed on that charge. The Fuel Altereds of today feature a lower, longer swoopier chassis than the old 90- to 100-inch-long '23-T high-sitters and squirrely little Fiats of the past. They're easier to drive and to this observer don't produce half the drama of the older cars.

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