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DRO Reader Survey

Well, Readers, it's that time again. Drag Racing Online is conducting its Annual Reader Survey. Take advantage of this opportunity - not only are we asking for your opinions, but we actually intend to read them! There's also something in it for you - 10 lucky winners will be randomly selected from the entries to receive trash and trinkets from our DRO Treasure Trove. So get your entry in, and see what you can win!

June 2002 Drag Racing Online Reader Survey


Email address:

1. What state and country are you from?

2. Do you own a race car?

3. In what sanctioning body do you compete?

4. In what class do you compete?

5. On average, how many miles do you travel to compete?

6. What print publications do you read regularly?

National Dragster
Drag Review
Drag Racer
Hot Rod Magazine
Drag Racing Magazine
Car Craft
Popular Hot Rodding
Super Chevy
Drag News
Speed Sport News

7. Do you subscribe to any of these magazines or do you buy them at the newsstand or store?

8. What online sites do you visit regularly?

Drag Racing Online (
NHRA Online (
Competition Plus (
IHRA Online (
Nitronic Research (
Summit Racing (
Drag Race Results (
Nitromater (
NMCA Site/Heads Up Review (
Speed Vision (

9. How did you learn about Drag Racing Online?

10. What is your favorite DRO Column or Feature?

11. What other DRO Columns or Features do you like?

12. What is your least favorite DRO Column or Feature?

13. What other DRO Columns or Features do you dislike?

14. What other sanctioning body or series would you like us to cover?

15. What other things would you like for DRO to write about?

16. How many times a month do you visit Drag Racing Online?

17. How much time do you spend at Drag Racing Online in a typical visit?

18. Do you buy race car parts online?

If so, why?


If not, why?

Nervous about submitting credit card info online
Like to see things in person
Ordering is confusing on advertiser's website

19. Do you ever call advertisers that you have seen online to place an order?

20. Do you buy non-racing items online?

21. Would you like us to contact you by email when new information is added to the site or when the new monthly issue is up?

22. Would you be willing to pay for Drag Racing Online?

If so, how much?

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