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One of the Loaded One’s favorite Funny Car drivers of the last couple decades was Al Hofmann. The Umatilla, Fla., resident was the East Coast’s answer to John Force, a racer who started out with nothing and through sheer drive and determination, came close to the NHRA World Championship. In fact, many experts (and most Funny Car racers) can use the same excuse as Hofmann as to why they didn’t get to the top; in two words, John Force. Nonetheless, this one’s about “Big Al., a racer who was always there with his best shot.

1.) Al Hofmann began his Funny Car career in what year?
a.) 1977
b.) 1979
c.) 1981
d.) None of the above.
2.) The name of Hofmann’s first Funny Car was
a.) “The Huckster”
b.) “Purple Magic”

c.) “George of the Jungle”
d.) “China Syndrome”

3.) In 1994, Hofmann hit a milestone of sorts when he …
a.) became the second Funny Car driver over 300-mph and entered the Slick 50 300-mph club.
b.) Won three consecutive races to sweep the Western Swing.

c.) Set low ET of 1994 for Funny Car with a 4.79 run
d.) Became the third Funny Car driver over 300-mph and entered the Cragar 300-mph Club.

4.) How many times did Hofmann win the then Big Bud Shootout, now the Skoal Shootout?
a.) 3
b.) 2

c.) 1
d.) Never

5.) Hofmann, who finished as high as second place in the Winston top 10 standings, had an overall victory total of
a.) 20
b.) 15

c.) 13
d.) 12

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Congratulations to our August quiz winner, Dave Jackson! And now, here are the August quiz answers.


1.) Dunn began his driving career in 1980 behind the wheel of a Funny Car which was A.) “The Bear Town Shaker”

2.) Mike Dunn won the U.S. Nationals Funny Car Championship in what year? C.) 1986

3.) At the end of the 1989 season, Mike Dunn had accomplished a rather remarkable feat aboard Joe Pisano’s Olds Funny Car for that season? What was it? B.) He turned in the four best speeds of the season.

4.) Mike Dunn joined the prestigious Cragar 4-Second (Top Fuel) club in what year? D.) He didn’t make the club.

5.) In his distinguished Funny Car career, Dunn drove for a famed candy company which was? B.) Snickers

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