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Well, now that we've been subjected to all of that INDY-cent exposure, let's pull the shade on that tepid titillation and find something else to occupy our time. I mean, if I see the number 50 or here the word, "Indy" one more time, I'll completely lose it. "Lose it" as in watching a "Survivor" marathon, start a family, go to church,  tongue-hockey with a monkey, voting. Okay, enough already.

I've got time on my hands and it's all for you. Just see below.

1. As of January 1, 2000, Gary Scelzi held the NHRA national Top Fuel record for elapsed time. The number was

A.) 4.479
B.) 4.480
C.) 4.493
D.) 4.500
2. The first 5.0-second Funny Car run was established some years back at the NHRA Maple Grove, PA race. The historic charge was made in 1992 and was what run by whom?
A.) John Force – 5.094
B.) John Force – 5.091
C.) Cruz Pedregon – 5.077
D.) Chuck Etchells – 5.080
3. Eddie Hill ran the first Top Fuel four-second run at the Texas Motorplex during the IHRA Texas Nationals with a 4.99 performance on April 9, 1988. Months later, NHRA's first four cropped up at the Pennzoil Nationals in Houston. It also was a 4.99 and run by:
A.) Eddie Hill
B.) Gene Snow
C.) Joe Amato
D.) Gary Ormsby
4. The first 7.0-second Pro Stock run was registered at Maple Grove in 1992. The run was what and run by whom?
A.) Darrell Alderman – 7.084
B.) Warren Johnson – 7.088

C.) Kurt Johnson – 7.088
D.) Scott Geoffrion – 7.099

5. What year did NHRA's "Little Train That Couldn't," Pro Stock Truck, first rear its horny head? NO multiple choice, you should know important stuff like this.

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Last Month's Quiz

The dog finally spit up the piece of paper saying that Christopher Crosby had all of our August quiz answers correct. Congratulations Christopher. And good boy, Fred, here's your Snausage®.

1. Who was Pro Stock Low Qualifier at last year's U.S. Nationals? B.) Kurt Johnson

2. Dennis Baca, father of the popular David, won Indy in what year? A.) 1977

3. Tony Schumacher has been in how many Indy Top Fuel finals? B.) 4

4. In 1992, Cory McClenathan finished a mere 92 markers behind Joe Amato for that year's Winston Top Fuel crown. He won two races, runner-upped at one, and became the first Top Fuel racer to run in the 4.7s at NHRA's Maple Grove event. Who was the crew chief on this checkered flyer? D.) Jimmy Prock

5. In the 1966 Indy Nationals Top Stock Eliminator competition, this guy beat Jack Werst's "Mr. 5 & 50" Plymouth, A/SA class winner Clayton Wright's Barracuda, 1968 Super Stock winner Arlen Vanke's Mopar, and Don Grotheer's Plymouth, before losing in the final. And this guy is: C.) Bill Jenkins

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