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You had to know that something like the following was coming. You fall behind on the vigerish with a street capo, you know that Tony and Rocco may drop by for a lecture on political economy. "Either that money is in our hands tomorrow or, believe us when we tell you, you will owe nobody nuthin'."

Yes, an Indy-tinted test for the intrepid. Some hard, some soft. That's probably the dichotomy that backfires when I was born, lo, those 57 years ago.

1.Who was Pro Stock Low Qualifier at last year's U.S. Nationals?

A.) Greg Anderson
B.) Kurt Johnson
C.) Jeg Coughlin
D.) Warren Johnson
2. Dennis Baca, father of the popular David, won Indy in what year?
A.) 1977
B.) 1978
C.) 1972
D.) 1976
3. Tony Schumacher has been in how many Indy Top Fuel finals?
A.) 3
B.) 4
C.) 2
D.) 22
4. In 1992, Cory McClenathan finished a mere 92 markers behind Joe Amato for that year's Winston Top Fuel crown. He won two races, runner-upped at one, and became the first Top Fuel racer to run in the 4.7s at NHRA's Maple Grove event. Who was the crew chief on this checkered flyer?
A.) Ron Swearingen
B.) Tom Anderson

C.) Dick LaHaie
D.) Jimmy Prock

5. In the 1966 Indy Nationals Top Stock Eliminator competition, this guy beat Jack Werst's "Mr. 5 & 50" Plymouth, A/SA class winner Clayton Wright's Barracuda, 1968 Super Stock winner Arlen Vanke's Mopar, and Don Grotheer's Plymouth, before losing in the final. And this guy is:
A.) Ronnie Sox
B.) Mike Schmitt

C.) Bill Jenkins
D.) Ed Miller

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Last Month's Quiz

Our fill-in-the-blank expert is Jim Moe, with a best four out of five correct. Read on for the correct answers.

1.) Dave Settles is the only guy to win back-to-back NHRA Division 4 Top Fuel titles in 1973-1974. He has a Master’s degree in Engineering from a famed Arizona college.

2.) “T.V.” Tommy Ivo and Mike Snively aboard “Diamond” Jim Annin’s dragster ran the first two fives in the sport’s Top Fuel history in late 1972. The next one came from a veteran Southern California driver named Don Moody (in the Walton-Cerny-Moody dragster).

3.) Everyone is awaiting the soon-to-be done 4.6-second run by a Funny Car. Mike Brotherton ran Top Fuel’s first 4.6-second run in 1994.

4.) This Top Fuel racer finished in second place in the NHRA top 10 standings in 1992, 1995, 1997 and 1998. Sometimes, (this writer) thinks that ole Cory McClenathan is badly overlooked.

5.) These guys are tremendously successful Division 4 Alcohol Funny Car racers. However, Jackie and Ronnie Stidham are not necessarily the most famous people in their family. Their dad, Jack Sr., was a fiddler for many years in the Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys, one of country music’s most famous and legendary bands.

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