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Nothing fancy, ladies and germs. I’m sick. I’m staring down the gun barrel of oral surgery, and am dealing with the horrifying prospect of turning 57 in a few more weeks. Cinco queries por ustedes.

1. His famed partner was Art Chrisman with whom he won the first Bakersfield Meet in 1959. He later ran Lions Drag Strip’s first backed-up 200-mph jolt. He is:

A.) Neil Leffler
B.) “Jeep” Hampshire
C.) Frank Cannon
D:) Jack Williams
2. The final authentic AHRA World Finals was held in 1984 at:
A.) Eunice, Louisiana
B.) Green Valley Race City, Texas
C.) Dragway 42 in West Salem, Ohio
D.) None of the above
3. Remember when NHRA broke the country down into seven geographic divisions and crowned champions in each eliminator? Who was the first Division 7 (California, Arizona, etc.) Top Fuel champ?
A.) James Warren
B.) Don Prudhomme
C.) Danny Ongais
D.) Dave Beebe
4. Ten years ago, the NHRA Top Fuel World Champion was Scott Kalitta. In second in the then Winston standings was:
A.) Kenny Bernstein
B.) Cory McClenathan

C.) Joe Amato
D.) Don Prudhomme

5. No hints here. No multiple choice. You should know this one. Only one pro racer has ever led qualifying in every single NHRA national event in one season, and he did it twice.

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Last Month's Quiz

And the winner is … (drum roll) Greg Brubaker! He got a best four out of five correct in our special April Fool’s edition.

  1. What is Del Worsham’s first name? A.) Del

  2. Atlanta Dragway was built in: D.) 1975

  3. How tall is Doug Kalitta? A.) 5’11

  4. Which of the following racetracks did in fact experiment with parimutuel betting?
    B.) Maryland Int’l Raceway (Budd’s Creek, Maryland)

  5. The first Top Fuel winner of an NHRA national event at the Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway was: C.) Kenny Bernstein

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