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by Chris Martin


Indy is over. Say "Thank You Jesus!" and "Amen!" Now that the Loaded One is
no longer waiting to exhale, let's move on to September and a quiz that has almost nothing to do with that month of song. Let's just call this one random selection and for the winner, I'll see what I can do to get you a pass into Tom Compton's suite at the next NHRA U.S. Nationals.

1. The winner of the 1980 Orange County Manufacturers Funny Car Championship was:

A. Ed McCulloch
B. Don Prudhomme
C. Raymond Beadle
D. Tom McEwen

2. Dale Creasy, the guy who owns the 2002 Craftsman Firebird Funny Car, owned the Funny Car that runner-upped to Don Prudhomme at the 1974 AHRA Challenge in Tulsa. Who was his driver?

A. Al Marshall
B. Gary Bolger
C. Dick Bourgeois
D. David Ray

3. Recent Indy Top Fuel winner Tony Schumacher's dad, Don, won Funny Car at what U.S. Nationals?

A. 1969
B. 1970
C. 1971
D. Never won it

4. NHRA ran a Fallnationals events in the years 1975 through 1980, and then discontinued it before reviving it in 1988. The 3 pro winners at the 1980 event were:

A. Shirley Muldowney, Raymond Beadle, Bob Glidden
B. Kelly Brown, Don Prudhomme, Bob Glidden
C. Marvin Graham, Don Prudhomme, Bob Glidden
D. Don Garlits, Kenny Bernstein, Frank Iaconio

5. What was the site of the first IHRA national event?

A. Miami-Hollywood Speedway
B. Rockingham Dragway
C. Atlanta Dragway
D. DeSoto Memorial Speedway

6. According to most drag racing historical records, the first night drag race was held at:

A. Santa Ana, Calif.
B. Madera Calif.
C. Linden, N.J.
D. Saugus, Calif.

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Well, either this one was too easy or everyone took Chris Martin's advice and bought the NHRA Media Guide. It came down to who got here first with all the right answers. The best reaction time was by Pat Welsh, who beat out the second place finisher by a mere four minutes. What a holeshot!

1. Tony Schumacher, the Winston 1999 Top Fuel champ, made his first NHRA final ever (and first career final overall) at the U.S. Nationals. What year did this happen? A. 1996

2. He took back-to-back runner-ups in 1962 and 1963 before winning the Indy Top Fuel title in 1964. He is: C. Don Garlits

3. He currently drives the Spirit of Las Vegas Top Fuel dragster and took runner-up honors at the 2000 event. He is: B. Gary Clapshaw

4. In 1995, Pro Stock winner Warren Johnson got an unexpected challenge from a winless (National event titles) Missouri driver. His name is: D. Lewis Worden

5. His dad was a former advertising director at National DRAGSTER and he was runner-up at the 1995 Top Fuel show. He is: A. Bob Vandergriff Jr.

6. It took John Force how many years from his first NHRA final round to win a Funny Car title at Indy? 14 years

Dale Smith was the winner of the Indy quiz. No shootout here, he knew one more answers than anybody else.

1. Who was in the other lane when John "the Zookeeper" Mulligan was killed in a round one crash at the 1969 event? A. "T.V. Tommy" Ivo

2. That was fairly hard, so an easier one. What year did "240 Gordie" Bonin win Funny Car? C. 1979

3. Who ran the first Top Fuel 4-second run at Indy? D. Joe Amato

4. When was the last time Warren Johnson won Pro Stock at Indy? B. 1999

5. Who is Lewis Worden? B. Pro Stock runner-up in 1995.

6. Richard Tharp beat John Wiebe in the 1976 Top Fuel final. What unprecedented thing occurred in that heat? C. Both drivers ran identical e.t.s to the thousandth ... 6.114.

7. According to the NHRA media guide, the first pro bike winner of any type at Indy was: B. Terry Vance

8. The second Big Bud Shootout winner was: B. Kenny Bernstein

9. Likely the least remembered Indy Pro Stock winner cropped up at the 1972 race when Don Garlits was holding his PRO racers show in Tulsa? The Indy winner was: C. Ray Allen

10. The first guy over 300 at Indy was: A. Kenny Bernstein

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