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by Chris Martin

Unlike the famous Tin Pan Alley hit of the 1930s (or 1940s), this is sort of a September Song in that we'll have material from August that bears heavily on September.

Now what the hell does that mean? Here's the answer, the U.S. Nationals, for most years, over-lapped from August into September, and a few questions here will reflect that. As in the first pair of queries, whist bear on Indy.

1. On Thursday of Labor Day weekend 1976, this Funny Car racer turned in the second quickest elapsed time short of Don Prudhomme. The time was a 6.07, the racer was
a. Raymond Beadle c. Ed Pauling
b. Gary Burgin d. Ed McCulloch

2. Ten years earlier at the U.S. Nationals, a Top Fuel racer ran the first event six, a 6.99, on Thursday of the event. He was
a. Jimmy Nix c. Connie Kalitta
b. Tom McEwen d. Vic Brown

3. This guy swept the 1966 Cordova World Series Top Fuel show. He was
a. Don Prudhomme
a. Don Prudhomme c. Dick LaHaie
b. Tom Hoover d. Pete Robinson

4. The first Pro Stock winner at the inaugural Brainered NorthStar Nationals was
a. Lee Shepherd c. Warren Johnson
b. Frank Iaconio d. Bob Glidden

5. Who won Top Fuel at the Popular Hot Rodding Championships in 1976?
a. Gary Beck
a. Gary Beck c. Don Garlits
b. Shirley Muldowney d. John Abbott


6. Who took Top Fuel runner-up at last year's Indy race. No multiple choice ... hey kids, it was only last year.

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And now here are the answers to last month's quiz. We had a record number of entrants, but NOBODY got them all correct! Only 2 of you got 5 out of the 6 questions. Our DRO cap goes out to winner Scott A. Pareso.

1. At the 1992 NHRA World Finals, this Top Fuel racer ran a then lowest elapsed time for the sport:
A. Eddie Hill

2. Don Prudhomme won his first national event, the 1965 NHRA Winternationals, and lost his last national event heat at Pomona, the 1994 Winston World Finals. Who was the guy who beat Prudhomme at the '94 event?
C. Bopb Vandergriff Jr.

3. Pomona Raceway actually ran a few night races. The last one featured Top Fuel and Top Gas. What was the year?
A. 1965

4. Who won Pro Stock at the 1998 World Finals?
B. Richie Stevens

5. One of the bigger upsets in Winternationals Funny Car history occurred when this racer won in 1990. Who was he?
C. K.C. Spurlock

6. Who ran the first four-second run at Pomona?
D. Frank Bradley


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