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by Chris Martin

The results for this month's edition of DRO's trivia quiz can be stated in the overused good news/bad news theme. The good news is that we had 63 people answers to the quiz -more than any other in the history of DRO's trivia contest. The bad news is that once again not one of you got the entire quiz correct. Three of you managed to get five of the six questions correct: David Rattan, Marvin Foxworth, and Geoff Stunkard. Each of those guys missed a different question. Stunkard guessed that the first seven-second Pro Stock driver was Larry Lombardo instead of Don Nicholson. We were surprised the editor of Mopar Muscle Magazine didn't pick Ronnie Sox.

IHRA Top Fuel team owner Marvin Foxworth also got five of six answers correct missing only the 500-inch Pro Stock engine question. Of course, you can't expect a nitro guy to know anything about a gasoline class.

Then there is David Rattan (affiliation unknown) who was the first to respond with five of six. Mr. David (I'm the winner of the coveted but undetermined prize) Rattan missed the question concerning the last winner of the March Meet. We don't know what his excuse is but we're sure it's lame. None the less, based on the time and day of his entry, he is the big winner.

For the record here are the answers: Frank Bradley, Butch Blair, Dale Pulde, Don Nicholoson, 1982, and of course Eddie Hill. Or C, A, C, B, '82, B

Now, on to the new business. Well gang here's the first one from El Lay. 90 degree temps, mild breeze, collapsing patio furniture, bathing birds, sunning cats, nude cocktail waitresses ... whoops ... what am I saying? (I quit drinking on May 25 and nudity makes me cross-eyed.)

Given my lightened mood, I'm gonna give 'ya a lightweight quiz, as in easy with just a trick or two. We'll call this one ...


1. How many NHRA Top Fuel national events did Don Prudhomme win?
a. 14 c. 15
b. 17 d. 10

2. Orange County Int'l Raceway closed on October 29, 1983. Who won the final OCIR Funny Car title?
a. Mike Dunn c. John Force
b. John Lombardo d. Tom McEwen

3. Who was the first California driver to win an NHRA Pro Stock national event title?
a. Don Nicholson c. Dick Landy
b. Butch Leal d. Hayden Proffitt

4. Who was the first California Top driver in the fours in NHRA competition?
a. Gary Ormsby c. Frank Bradley
b. Don Prudhomme d. Darrell Gwynn

5. Don Garlits ran a 5.63 in October 1975 and this held until the 1981 NHRA Gatornationals as the sport's lowest e.t. Who ran a 5.62 to better it.
a. Gary Beck c. Marvin Graham (in Marc Danekas TR-3 car)
b. Jeb Allen d. Frank Bradley

and the tiebreaker ..

6. According to all the print media available, the late great and ex-Californian "Jungle Jim" Liberman's final opponent of the year beat him at the 1976 Orange County Manufacturers Funny Car show. This opponent was ...
a. John Force c. Gary Burgin
b. Don Prudhomme d. Gary Cochran in Jim Terry's Olds Starfire

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