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by Chris Martin


OK, it's a new year and everyone's beginning with a clean slate now. No need to dwell on the disastrous answers of the past season. No sense in fretting over calling Bob Glidden the 1976 AHRA Gateway Nationals Champion, no wringing of the hands over forgetting the quiz had five questions and not a mere two, no pulling out the hair over misidentifying the remains of Larry Fullerton's "Trojan Horse" as those of Don Prudhomme's Arrow ... it's all water swirling in the toilet bowl of life now.

So here's the deal ... we run a picture, provide a brief description and you come up with the right answer.

We'll call this one ... Operation: Quick Start

Photos by: Marty Johnson, George Fussell, and Larry Albert

Operation: Quick Start

1. Shirley versus Jody Smart at the Gatornationals. What was the year?

2. Former NHRA Division 1 Top Fuel champ airs out his dragster at the Summernationals in New Jersey. Who is he?

3.  Coming towards the camera is this former Bakersfield winner. The year is 1976.
      Who is he?

4. The amazing Quincy-Herbert-Brissette dragster was powered by a 300-cid Chrysler and held the Drag News C/FD record at 196.92-mph at the end of 1963. The driver is currently a star on the Nostalgia circuit. Who is he?

5. Three wheels? In 1964, this guy showed at San Fernando and made the 8-car Top Fuel field. This intrepid individual is ?


full name:

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For those of you keeping score, last month's answers were:
1. Warren Johnson;
2. Bob Riffle;
3. David Atkins;
4. Bruce Walker;
5. Kevin Rotty;
6. Sonny Bryant

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