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Urban Hillbilly Door Car Chaos 2005

Words by Ian Tocher

If you’re a fan of heads-up, wheels-up, what’s-up doorslammer action, pick up a copy of Door Car Chaos 2005, Vol. 2, the latest DVD offered by Urban Hillbilly Action Videos in Springfield, MO. With clips shot at tracks across the Southeast and Midwest last year, Urban Hillbilly’s Sean Melton has put together a visual thrill ride that lasts more than two-and-a-half hours.

This DVD is not for fans who rely on background information or interviews to make sense of what’s going on, though. Other than what you may hear over the track P.A. in the background, all you’ll learn from Door Car Chaos are a few E.T.s and speeds as they’re flashed across the screen. On the other hand, if you just want to watch some heads-up racing without any interruptions, Melton has done a good job of retaining the sounds of the dragstrip, periodically mixed in with a driving rock music track.

Footage comes from 13 events, including among others, the Wichita World Street Nationals; Ozark International Raceway’s Fourth of July and Street Machine Shootouts; Outlaw 10.5 action at Georgia’s US19 Dragway and Tulsa, OK; Kansas City’s Fastest Doorslammers, the ADRL Outlaw Pro Mods at Valdosta, GA; and ORSCA’s World Finals at Huntsville, AL.

And despite the title, there’s a little Top Fuel dragster action included, too, shot at Huntsville’s $101,000-to-win Rocket City Nationals. It’s practically worth the $20 price just to see the nitro burners over the eighth mile. There’s also the popular “Carnival of Carnage” featuring a look at some of the wildest wheelstands, collisions, and nitrous explosions caught on tape last season.

About the only real criticism I can offer is that Melton should hire a proofreader for his between-segment titles. I counted at least three significant spelling errors and while certainly not degrading the action, they’re an annoying distraction that easily could be remedied. But if you can look past that and the lack of any on-camera narration (which may be seen as a plus by many people!), I think you’ll be very satisfied.

In addition to Door Car Chaos 2005, Vol. 2, Urban Hillbilly offers several other drag racing DVDs dating back to 2001, all for $20 each (plus 5 bucks for shipping). The company’s Web site (www.urbanhillbilly.com) also features several photo galleries and video samples to give a taste of the action before buying.


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