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By Ian Hawthorne

When you hear the words "drag racing" I'm sure that a good console videogame is the last thing that comes to mind. That is about to change with the release of NHRA Championship Drag Racing, a brand new game from VSE games and Lucky Chicken.

There have been a few other drag racing exclusive games, such as IHRA Drag Racing 1 and 2, but in my opinion none of them have been this realistic. In this new NHRA game you can smoke the tires or blow the engine if you don't tune your car properly. You can drift out of the groove and get sucked into the wall and you can even have spectacular crashes (made better by the Crash Cam in the game).

The moment you make that first run or the first time you crash, you will agree with me that it is important to set your car up right and do everything you can to save the money you have left. Whether you have to make one good qualifying run with your $80,000 crew chief and hang it up until eliminations or you can learn to tune that car yourself and keep your not-so-great $5000 a race crew chief.

Unlike the IHRA games there is real qualifying, four runs each just like the pros. If you run in Pro Stock you don't have to worry about being taken out by a Funny Car in the next round because one class can't run against the others.

There are some things missing and some that could be better, such as the lack of any Sportsman class. The fact that you can't customize your own racecar other than the setup, the graphics could be tighter and money flies out the window way too fast, however spending $3000 per run on fuel and such does add to the realism.

A nice little feature in this game is that you don't have to be Dick LaHaie to have a good tune up on your car, just hire a good crew chief and let the game do the rest or hire a crew chief who is good in the areas where you aren't.

This game is rated E for Everyone, so for all of the parents out there who are worried about their children being influenced by the tobacco and alcohol sponsors; there aren't any, so rest easy.

If I had to give NHRA Championship Drag Racing a score with the bar being a 5, I would give it a 3.5 to 4 because it has the feel of running your own professional drag racing team, but could be made better in the sequel with smoother graphics, a better soundtrack, and the introduction of Sportsman or Pro Stock Bike classes.

NHRA Championship Drag Racing for PLAYSTATION®2 is available now and retails for a suggested retail price of $14.99.

Ian Hawthorne is a 16 year-old SoCal high school student who has been an avid gamer for about 8 years who also happens to like drag racing. So who better to test drive the new NHRA Drag Racing video game for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system.




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