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Order the CD at Amazon.comFirst I freely admit that most of the music that I listen to would probably be categorized as mainstream at best or at worst “Old Fogey” if you ask my daughter. It appears that music I thought was hip in the ‘60’s when I played and worked in bands has tragically become to this generation little more than elevator music. I still listen to my Lee Morgan, Charlie Parker, Led Zepplin, and 13th floor Elevator albums but I do it late at night so I won’t frighten the children or have to suffer the abuse heaped on me by my younger friends.

In order to keep from getting a terminal case of “Old Fogey”, I listen as often as possible to some of my friend Chris Martin’s collection of music. As a result of doing this I’ve been introduced to a lot of Alternative music. On one hand you have Black Flag, The Beastie Boys, NWA and Wendy O. Williams and the Plasmatics and some others whom I mercifully have forgotten. Simply put, I can’t relate to the kind of music and lyrics those bands produce.

On the other hand you’ve got Nirvana, White Zombie, Iggy Pop, Lennie Kravitz and others that I like but have unfortunately forgotten due to the condition I was in while hearing them. I like those bands.

I’ve come to the conclusion that, at least for me, bands that rely on angst, thrash, volume, and trash talk are not as good as bands who are tight, know how to play their intruments, have something to say, and still sounds better played loud.

Which brings us to the Band Snapcase.

I listened to the CD because the bass player for the band is Jon Salemi who, along with his brother Jim, runs G Force Race Cars in Tonawanda, New York and race a pro Modified ’Vette. I figured that since they supported drag racing, by reveiwing their CD I would do my bit to help them along or bury their asses if they were just a weak version of the Goo-Goo Dolls.

Here’s the deal - I like the band’s newest CD “designs for automotion.”

These guys can play. The bass and drummer put down a good bottom that the rest can riff on vocally or instrumentally. I’m an old guy (55) and I like those features in my music. I liked the lyrics on all of the songs but especially those on Twentieth Nervous Breakdown and Box Seat. I grew up on Bob Dylan and some of the lyrics these guys write kind of remind me of a young Dylan. I had to play the CD, then read the lyrics, and then play the CD again, but too many years standing on the starting line and having Top Fuel cars blast my eardrums makes that little routine necessary.

I made Jon give me this CD, but I’m going to buy another copy because my daughter has taken the first one. Besides, since I’ve been listening to snapcase, she thinks I’m cool again.

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