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(letter is unedited)

Jeff. First my name is Norm Weekly. If you do not know who I am go to www.Frantic4Racing.com All cars that do static fire ups are suppose to have there quick couplers disc-connect. That is the rule !!!! It seems the car with the problem did not. Why !!!! As far as the "Greek" and "Gar" doing a push start and being in there 70`s. The "Greek" has ran 300 MPH and so has "Gar" or close to it have you ???? I have done more push starts and static fire ups out there, with maybe the exception of John Ewald`s cars. A couple things I would like to explain to you and even you might get it. On push starts there is a thing called a mag switch in the car, if you have a problem you hit it and the engine dies. We also have a fuel shut off in the car to shut it down. Are you still with me ???? On static starts, same old mag switch and on the Frantic Four car the quick coupler is disc- connected as is the throttle. Are you catching on. Next why are you so concerned ???? If something goes wrong it is our ass that has to pay the piper. That is why I carry a $1,000,000.00 liability policy !!!! I would suggest you keep your mouth shut about things you know nothing about !!!! That is not a threat just some good advice !!!! I really understand you more than you think, you just want to be in the spotlight, but do not do it at the expense of the people that risk there lives to make the sport what it is today and the ones we have lost during the years and the people who are trying to keep our era alive!!!! Maybe will meet someday, but I don`t think that is really a good idea !!!!



I was at the Hot Rod Reunion with the abbreviated Cacklefest. I was on the starting line with the Tom McEwen Funny car when they push started the Greek and Big Daddy and

can say with certainty that they were fired a long way from the starting line area and only crew people were out there at the time. I didn't see any disaster looming imminent and the incident with the fuel altered could have happened at any time when crew members are near the running car. All cars capable of self-starting were fired up, including some of the dragsters.

My opinion is that was adequate safety there, since Steve Gibbs was in charge.

Malcolm Tuck
Bowling Green, KY



Thanks, Ian and DRO, for putting a regular guy up as feature car. Bob Labrock as he is called or simply 'sponge bob' by his many friends. I don't think he has any enemies. Bob is so deserving of the award since he is not the fastest or slowest competitor in E/Z class in ORSCA but has the most fun, I promise. It is good to see the proverbial 'little' guy get his due at times!

Jim Daugherty
Friendsville, TN


They should take their $3.2 million and pave all their race tracks. Maybe fix Columbus up so it isn't such a sippy hole. Maybe some training on how to deal with people. They have gotten to be almost like the old communist countries used to be. But it is all about the mighty dollar. Too bad they have blinders on.

I've given up on them. I have gone exclusively with IHRA. At least there they treat all as equals. As far as I've seen. Do you see Tom Compton pulling cars out of the lanes? Announcing?

I love reading your articles. Keep up the great work.

Jeffrey Robinson
St. Johns, MI

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